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The Archive of Abbas Hilmi II

The Archive of Abbas Hilmi II

Prince Abbas Hilmi, Chairman of the Trustees of the Mohamed Ali Foundation, Professor Anoush Ehteshami, and Vice-Chancellor Professor Stuart Corbridge, at the inauguration of the Mohamed Ali Foundation Fellowship programme on 29 June 2018

Among the rich archival resources at Durham University Library is the collection of Abbas Hilmi II (1874-1944), the last khedive of Egypt (1892-1914), whose papers provide excellent research material on political, social, economic and cultural affairs in Egypt in the late 19th and first half of the 20th centuries, the British in Egypt and, to a lesser extent, the Sudan, and Egypt’s relations with Britain, Turkey and the rest of Europe. The archive principally covers the period from the mid-19th Century up until the death of Abbas Hilmi II in 1944, but with some additional family material dating up to the 1960s. The collection was deposited in Durham by the Mohamed Ali Foundation in 1980. It contains material principally in Arabic, English, and French, but also some Ottoman Turkish, German, Italian, and Greek. Digital copies of the Abbas Hilmi II Papers are also deposited at the American University and CULTNAT in Cairo, and digitized files are also freely accessible from the collection catalogue.

Summary of the Abbas Hilmi II Papers

Catalogue of the Abbas Hilmi II Papers

Information on how to access the collection at Durham is available in this Archives and Special Collections online guide.